Voter Knowledge

“If having the voter knowledge is an art, OutPol is the Artist.”


Getting voter information is, no doubt, a tedious but rewarding job. In any election campaign, if you have trustworthy information regarding the voters, you are likely to target your campaign energies in a better way.

Our platform has made rigorous efforts to make the sufferings of the political candidates easy in this regard.

Having voters’ data is also crucial so that you do not end up wasting your campaign funds by pointing in the wrong direction.

We know the changing dynamics of voters and their likes and dislikes very well. The most important indicator of measuring voters’ attitude is seeing whether they stick with your message until the end.

Questions that are a Nightmare for Candidates

  • Would voter suppression regimes stop the participation of the masses in the national discourse?
  • What is the voter registration rate in your district?
  • What are the conspiracy theories regarding the election that can impact voting decisions?
  • Which version of copy on your homepage would get maximum conversions?
  • What are the social media returns?
  • How are visuals contributing to increasing your vote base?
  • Do voters leave midway reading or watching your campaign message?
  • What is the voters’ bounce rate?


All of these questions, including many more, leave the candidates concerned about the efficacy of their political campaigns.

This is where we help, as we have deep insights about the thinking patterns of the voters not only through our database but also from our highly accurate predictive model.

We Know the Business: We Don’t Make Castles in the Air

We have extensive experience in dealing with voters, along with measuring their data through various channels. This is where helps us, as we get insights into voters’ information and measuring their behaviors.

Being viewed by more than one million users across the globe monthly, with a bounce rate of less than 18%, we have the words that engage voters, and this is the most important voter information above anything else.

With another platform of ours, i.e., the, we measure the search queries of voters extensively.

We know about the politicians being searched for by the voters and those who are being contacted.

This type of voter knowledge helps us better craft your personalized political campaigns to win maximum voters and hence, the elections for you.

These are just two examples with which we are extending and expanding our database of voters’ knowledge. As we move from case to case in every election, we maintain an extensive database of voters’ information, sentiments, and behaviors that help us get deep insights about voters.