Which Tasks do Volunteers for a Political Campaign usually do?

Volunteers are the biggest asset of political campaigns, as they keep them moving. Without volunteers, no political campaign could survive in today's competitive landscape.

Volunteers can always choose the tasks in most political campaigns that align with their interests. Some common tasks for campaign volunteers include door-to-door canvassing, writing online content, designing posters,  making phone calls, arranging chairs for a rally, or virtually everything that a political field director assigns.

Volunteer for political campaign

Tasks that Volunteers Usually Do

Below are the lists of what you can do as a volunteer in any political campaign.


1- Making Phone Calls

In this era of robocalls and texting, manual phone calls still stand relevant. So, political campaigns can hire volunteers to call voters to get donations or measure voters' sentiments. There are endless possibilities for which political campaigns can do this task, and most of the time, volunteers could be leading these campaigns.


2- Designing Posters or Graphics

If you are a graphic designer and have an inclination toward creating visuals, you can easily get a chance to make banners, stickers, flyers, or pamphlets for your favorite candidate. When you see your designed graphics representing a political party, it surely can be a matter of pride.


3- Door-to-Door Canvassing:

Doing door-to-door canvassing is perhaps the most important part of any political campaign in the offline setup. This can include going through your neighborhood and discussing different matters with voters on the politician's behalf to win votes.


4- Setting up chairs

Unfortunately, it is not every time that volunteers can serve the campaign in the way they prefer. Many volunteers can be assigned a task to adjust chairs and other similar jobs during a political rally; let's say, setting up a stage. These tasks are usually done by volunteers who are part of an event management team of the political party.


5- Writing Content

Volunteers can also be assigned to write blog posts for the campaign if they have effective writing skills. Political campaigns can also utilize volunteers in writing speeches for politicians, not only for local events but also crafting the punch line of the campaign.

6- Developing the Web

If you have know-how about data and web development requirements, a political campaign can utilize your services there.

7- Conduct Political Surveys

There is no doubt in the efficacy of political surveys, and volunteers play a crucial role in getting them done. These surveys, in turn, give campaigns a reasonable set of data that they can utilize to improve campaign operations.

8- Increase Voter Turnout

On election day, volunteers can improve voter turnout, which helps candidates win larger numbers of votes.

9- Finding Donors

If a political campaign is short-staffed, volunteers can also be assigned a job to find party donors.

10- Collect Data

Data is the king of any political campaign, and volunteers can play a critical role in this data mining. This can be accomplished by conducting surveys and researching the opposition to identify tactics the opposition candidate is developing.

11- Securing Candidates

Volunteers can also be the personal bodyguards of the candidates and help them in getting the necessary security.

12- Driving

Many volunteers also do driving jobs, as they facilitate candidates and delegates moving from one place to another.

13- Public Relations

If a person has good media relations skills, he/she can also volunteer for a campaign by covering the event and reporting it to the local media.

14- Photography and Videography

Campaign photography is one of the things which political volunteers often do. Individuals who have video shooting skills can help candidates shoot their campaign videos.

15- Social Media Management

The social media management team can also have many campaign volunteers, and based on the skill set, they can do various jobs in the campaign.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that tasks assigned to volunteers can vary from one political campaign to another. In bigger campaigns with a lot of money, for instance, you can see that they can afford to pay people for even the smallest task, compared to smaller political campaigns, which survive on the power of volunteers.

But in every single campaign, be it presidential elections or local ones, volunteers contribute their skills and expertise to help candidates win offices.