9 Questions to Ask of Politicians Before Voting: Know Your Responsibility

Elections worldwide are the backbone of any democratic system, despite the concerns of it not showing the popular will due to the lower voter turnout.

But the voting decision is not an easy one to make for the voters. They struggle hard to find the candidate that is in the best interest of the country. This way, they sometimes end up making the wrong choice.

A lot of voters ask a simple question. What are the questions to ask of political candidates?

While there are always some specific questions to ask the politicians, varying from country to country, there are some general questions that can impact each and every country.

Always try to ask these questions or see the candidate's stance on these important issues before you vote.

These are the questions to ask of politicians before your next elections.


Questions to ask your political candidate for the next elections

Candidate Opinion About Gun Laws

In most countries, gun occupation has become an issue of significant traction. This has made citizens worried about too much weaponry in the country. 

According to a survey conducted by Pew Research, about 53% of Americans own guns or live in a house where someone has a gun. According to the report, the USA is the only country where this many people have guns. 

Who are the politicians who are willing to curtail these things to curb violence? You have to look for them and vote in their favor.

Because, according to reports, most of the violence in the country occurs due to the easy availability of guns by civilians.


Their Views About Heath Policy

Health crisis is a common issue in the whole world. Always ask about your candidate's health policy while deciding to vote

Health crisis is a common issue in the whole world. Always ask about your candidate's health policy while deciding to vote


Recently, the outbreak of COVID-19 has devastated the whole world.

Millions of people died, and a lot of others are facing the brunt of the inefficient health care systems all over the world.

This has increased the importance of healthcare systems for global citizens. 

Always ask the politicians what their views are regarding healthcare so that you can make a better decision.

How does your favorite candidate bring changes to the health policy in the country and increase the amount of budget in health?


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Control of Poverty and Hunger

Almost all the countries are infected by poverty in the world. This should be one of the major questions to ask from the politicians

Almost all the countries are infected by poverty in the world. This should be one of the major questions to ask from the politicians


Poverty has become a sort of pandemic that is influencing the whole world right now. In some countries, these stats are worse than in others.

According to the latest stats by the US Bureau of the Census, 10.5% of the population of Americans lives in poverty.

The situation is worse in other countries, especially in African nations.

So what is your favorite politician willing to do to promote the poverty elimination programs in the country?

Poverty is one of the biggest reasons behind a backward society. Because in a poor family, education also becomes a pipe dream.

Poverty is also directly proportional to crime rates in countries.

This is one of the most important questions to ask of the politicians while voting.


Police Accountability

Those having weapons in their hand need to go through a rigorous process of accountability. 

This is the issue being faced by many countries, especially the US and many other third-world nations.

Make sure that the candidate you are supporting is always in favor of police accountability and supports the strict practice of the rule of law.

How does your favorite candidate react when they see the news of police brutality? You have to see this always while voting.


Foreign Policy and Your Candidates Opinion about it

Foreign policy has become a crucial issue these days. Always identify what the policy is of your candidate toward the important national security issues.

How does your favorite candidate tackle the conflict at the international level? Do they have a record of solving international crises? Always measure these things to exercise your vote correctly.


Resolution of Human Rights Violations

Human rights abuses are increasing day by day. And there is a reason behind it. Some politicians support human rights violations religiously.

Always make sure that your vote is not amounting to human rights violations because the burden would then be on your shoulders as well.

If your favorite politicians endorse human rights abuses, it is time to stop and rethink your choice.


Climate Change and Your Politicians Views About it

Climate change is an existential threat to earth, and unfortunately, many politicians are skeptical about it.

Make sure that the politicians you're about to support never favors the anti-scientific regimes.

Otherwise, you will end up supporting a person who will deteriorate the earth in the long run.


Persuading People Towards Voting

Try to analyze the policies of your favorite politician through the lens of voter suppression. If they are endorsing anti-democratic policies like these, they are likely to curb your voice as well at the time of their need.


Immigration Policies

This world would have been a different place without immigration. While enacting proper immigration rules is always the right of every country to safeguard their interests, overregulation often results in curbing immigration.

Try to see if your politicians are favoring immigration practices? If the answer is yes, it is your time to vote for them.

These are some of the important questions to ask politicians. So always ensure to know these things about the person you are going to vote for.

Otherwise, your vote can do more harm than good.

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