Opposition Research

Did you ever think about increasing your vote bank other than promoting your own campaign?

The only way to do this is by exposing your political opponent to the public so that more people are motivated to vote for you.

We provide exclusive service of political opposition research campaign, which will help you in exposing the hidden agendas of your rivals easily.

Whether your opposing candidate evaded taxes, committed crimes, or made a fool out of the public by false promises, our platform will do political opposition research to make the general public aware of it.

We adopt the following strategies to do this for your election campaign.

Google Searches

While doing political opposition research, getting information about your rival candidate with the help of Google may seem to be the easiest way, but this is not as simple as it seems.

Most politicians hire reputation management firms to push negative news about them to the lower pages of Google.

Most of the time, you have to audit hundreds of Google pages to find the single tax evasion incident against your rival, which is exactly what our platform will do.

While doing political opposition research, our platform will make sure that we do not miss even a single page on Google, searching against various keywords to get as much information as possible.

Reviewing Social Media Outlets


Whether it seems odd or not, most of your rivals will have said something that they would like to delete forever from social media.

 Most of the time, they become politically motivated and tweet something, and after public backlash, they delete those tweets.

Our platform will do a social media autopsy of your rivals to make sure that we accumulate every single controversial digital word that your competitor has said on social media outlets and their public records, ultimately increasing your vote bank.

The social media outlets that we will search include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora, and others.

Scrutinizing Public Reports And Newspapers


Opposition research firms incorporate various practices while conducting the research. Investigating the campaign finances of your rival candidate is one of them. We do that for you as well.

Whether you are running for a local election or the presidential race, there are reports available online that have a lot to say about the candidates.

Our platform will gather all the reports related to your rival and do a microscopic inspection of those reports to find where your rival candidate tried to trick the system.

Did your rival candidate evade taxes, or was he corrupt by misuse of public funds?

We will figure out everything related to political opposition research to ensure that your opposing candidate has to pay for the scams and misdeeds he did in the past.

Analyzing Leaked Papers 

Whether it is WikiLeaks or Panama leaks, we will analyze all the leaked papers in-depth to find each and everything about your rival candidate.

With this, they will be exposed badly, and your chances of winning the elections will be increased significantly.

Real-Time Opposition Research

Whether your opposite candidate is meeting with some controversial personality or taking part in anti-state activities, our platform will monitor them digitally in real-time to ensure that we do not miss any information about them.

While doing political opposition research, the focus of our platform will be primarily on the things that can bring you benefits in your election campaign.

Apart from all the things mentioned above, our platform will also expose the anti-state and anti-cultural narratives of your rival candidates, criminal records, hypocrisy, and public funding scams that your rival ever perpetrated.