Candidate Reputation Analysis and Maintenance

There are three constants in life: Death, Taxes, and politicians facing online smear campaigns against themselves.

Not a single election in the whole world is free from online smear campaigns.


Imagine losing your elections just because your opponent impresses voters by tarnishing your reputation online.


What if you are pouring in big money, but your rival politician launches an online smear campaign against you to waste all of your efforts?


Even after doing all the hard work, you will lose the elections this way.


Over 60% of the people worldwide use social media on a daily basis. And they are the same people who are going to vote in your election.


And these numbers are even greater in developed countries, which means that voters are always ready to grab information from social media.


What if we tell you that almost half of the younger voters use social media to gather election-related information?

And these voters are always open to switch their political affiliation. 

Your opponent can easily win these voters by writing negative social media posts about you.


As voter turnout in young people is more compared to other age groups, these voters will easily go against you.

The same is the case with Google, where voters search for information before selecting their ideal candidate for the vote.

So, if you are not ranking well on Google, your election campaign is completely messed up.


Don’t take our word for this.


Studies have found that the top three pages of Google grab nearly 75% of traffic for any search query on average.

Even worse, over 90% of people never go to the second page of Google.


What if your rivals are ranking on the top search queries, and they are taking all of your voters to their own web pages?


They will surely steal your voters by feeding negative propaganda against you, and you will end up losing the elections.

This is where the role of online political reputation management comes in.


Only a well-crafted online reputation management for politicians can guarantee you an election victory in such a crisis situation.


Political smear campaigns will keep on hurting your candidacy if you are not serious about removing the negative content against yourself.


Most of the time, fresh content keeps coming against you from the websites specifically working to deface your reputation among your voters.


Now let us tell you a secret in the online reputation management industry that will save you time, energy and money.


You may find political reputation management services that claim to delete negative content about you from Google.


Google DOES NOT remove content just because it is counted in a smart campaign.


In fact, all you need to do is to push the negative content to the lower pages of Google, so your voters don’t visit those pages.


So avoiding the services that make unrealistic claims is an equally important thing while doing reputation management.


Taking the online reputation management campaign lightly is only going to hurt your chances of election victory.


After getting a professional online reputation management service, your political campaign will be able to attract undecided and swing voters.


This means that a single well-crafted reputation management strategy is enough to win you a public office of your choice.


All the negative content about you will be countered in our reputation management campaign that is specifically designed on a campaign-to-campaign basis according to your personalized needs.


After our robust online political reputation management strategies, you will be able to:

Retain existing voters

Attracting more swing voters toward your campaign

Impressing your rivals toward your campaign

On every social media platform, if you are not beating your political rival or if your opponent is getting more social traction, the election can easily go against you.


And even if you are not facing any online smear campaign and leading the polls against your opponents, you are still at the mercy of your opposition.


Once they decide to launch an online smear campaign against you, your candidacy will negatively impact you within a matter of days.


That’s why politicians launch the smear campaign against their opponents just a few days before the actual elections, so they do not have enough time to respond.


So, candidates who dismiss their opposition’s plans preemptively have the last laugh.


This is where we help you in repairing your online reputation, which will eventually win you elections. 


We make an all-inclusive reputation management strategy that is bound to do wonders for your campaign.

  • Demolish negative content about you on social media
  • Push down negative reviews against you
  • Create new and positive content about you that rank on top of Google
  • Heal your public relations
  • Do Competitive benchmarking
  • Manage and distribute press releases
  • Boost your personal image
  • Fix sentiment analysis