Influencer Marketing

What is a better way to get the voters than to promote your political campaign from their favorite influencer? 

As more people are starting to show interest in social media outlets other than Facebook, the importance of influencer marketing is also increasing. 

OutPol will promote your political campaign online through influencer marketing, helping you win the elections.

Patnu political influence marketing strategy revolves around the following hierarchy.

Establishing Key Performance Indicators

By establishing KPIs for influence marketing, we will start your political influence marketing campaign to attract a vast number of audiences. The KPIs which we develop for influence marketing are:

  • Building your name awareness
  • Attracting new voters toward your campaign
  • Measuring new leads and their conversions
  • Looking at the voter retention rate

Patnu focuses on building a long-term relationship with the influencers to make your identity a brand with them.

The influencers are carefully scrutinized, have no controversial history, and have been successfully influencing people recently.

We only select those influencers for your campaign who have an overlapping audience base with your voters so that we do not waste resources on the things that do not matter.

A major mistake that most people make while doing political influencer marketing is that they only rely on Instagram.

We will not rely on a single platform for marketing. We will create a robust campaign that will be present on all the social media platforms, including:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • TikTok

Our political influencer marketing will be multi-tier. For instance, we will not rely only on a single form of advertisement.

We will do aural, visual, and aural-visual marketing to ensure that we target the maximum number of people to maximize your vote bank.


Only those influencers will be selected to promote the campaign with a relevant following base matching with your needs.

So, only the relevant political influencers in the political marketing niche will be entertained.

The message we will use for your political influencer marketing will be written by professional copywriters accommodating psychology and people-attraction core principles. 

Patnu will ensure that the message has a high conversion rate to win as many followers for you through political influencer marketing as possible.