Phygital Campaign

Most campaigns fail when they try to maintain their online and physical presence simultaneously.


Voters may be excited by seeing the digital presence of the campaign, only to have a poor experience in the physical outlets. And the same is true in the reverse case.

Remember! The chain is as strong as its weakest link. If your campaign has even one weak link, the chain of your campaign is about to break.

What is at Stake if you do not do Phygital Campaigns?


You have to admit that different campaigning methods have different effects on election campaigns.


It’s difficult to make a personal connection with voters with podcasts in the digital world.


In the same way, pamphlets and flyers cannot give detailed and in-depth messages in the offline world.


You can’t answer the questions of your voters directly in a recorded video, but you can do this in a door-to-door campaign. 

And you can’t explain your policies to the voters one by one, but you can record a video about it and upload it on various digital portals.


This is where the role of phygital (Physical +Digital) campaigns comes in.


And if you are not going phygital, your election campaign is just one step away from a historic defeat.


Now consider the collection of data, which is important to do both online and offline.


And what about those voters who do not use the internet? Every vote matters, and you can’t ignore the offline voters.


Going phygital is not a luxury but a necessity.


The need for physical connection with your voters forces campaigns to continue to pursue door-to-door canvassing. Political campaigns maintain their local offices and outlets even though it is easy to reach voters using digital technologies.


Why is it so?


Look! Different campaigns have different problems.


Some campaigns pursue physical outreach and forget to expand digitally. And those campaigns which solve digital outreach struggle with a physical presence. In such a situation, a complex mixture of physical and digital marketing saves the day for every type of campaign.


But just going phygital is not the answer to your campaign. In fact, pursuing omnichannel marketing strategies within phygital campaigns is what successful campaigns do.

If you are not syncing your online and offline campaigns, the phygital strategy is bound to fail.

Voters can access all the information about your campaign quickly using digital platforms. But if they want to inquire about something in detail, they will also have access to the physical presence of your campaign to get clarification.

But you might ask how we can help your campaign in the phygital arena in every corner of the world without our presence out there.

Here is the deal


We have implementation partners all over the world with whom we collaborate to make your campaigns successful in the physical world.

Be it:

Digital rallies

Door-to-door canvassing

Corner meetings

Physical fundraisers

Any indoor or outdoor event

We collaborate with local implementation partners to give your campaign a massive boost.


Phygital campaigns also provide you with unparalleled ways of selling your political merchandise for fundraising.


In almost every election, campaigns sell political merchandise as they seek to collect donations. And voters buy those merchandise in significant numbers. But sometimes, getting the merchandise at your physical outlets is easier for voters. They place an order online, make the payments and collect the merchandise from their nearest outlet immediately to avoid delays in deliveries.

Now imagine a campaign that is not pursuing a phygital strategy. Their voters are bound to suffer from delivery delays and other logistics complexities.

With the phygital campaign, it will be extremely easy to reach voters even when you are doing a physical campaign. You might have seen multimedia technologies covering political rallies and telecasting them to the masses on different digital platforms.

We collaborate with different partners to make this multimedia coverage possible to integrate your campaign’s physical and digital aspects ign; hence comes the name phygital.

And like other services, Output is bringing a free trial of phygital opportunities for all the campaigns which reach out to us before the expiry of this clock.

Hurry Up!

The free detailed report will have all the phygital opportunities possible for your campaign. And it’s easy to get a detailed, personalized summary of your campaign by contacting us before the expiry of the above timer.

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