Online Community Building

Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.


Online Community Building to Make your Voters Highly Engaged

Mass mobilization isn’t as easy as it seems, especially in political campaigns. You exhaust all of your resources only to find out that voters are not changing their behavior patterns.


Even though voters promise to cast their vote for you on any given day, they are not bringing in new leads for your campaign.


Your whole election campaign is stagnant, as individual voters are not acting as a community. In such a case, your political party is missing the famous quote that says, “The whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts.”


The only solution to mobilize your voters and supporters is to tie them into a highly engaged online community.

Online Community Building

Let me tell you about a candidate who suffered because of the absence of community building in his campaign.


His elections were in full flow, and his rival politician was transporting the voters right to the doorstep of polling booths. On the other hand, the voters of the first candidate were completely stuck in their homes, as they had no one to take them to the polling stations.


Only because one candidate completely ignored the importance of online community building, which could have solved the issue of voter turnout for him.


When both the candidates were sitting at the end of the day, the runner-up found out that the winner was running various online communities that were bringing all the voters from their homes.

Now imagine yourself in such a situation when you are vulnerable to losing your election due to these types of problems.

This is not the only situation where political community building helps win elections. It stands beneficial for various things, including:

Increasing voter turnout

Enhancing campaign fundraising

Recruiting volunteers

Starting debates on important social issues

Creating mass mobilization

Establishing pressure groups to hold your rival politicians accountable

Lead generation for your campaign

Increasing your messaging outreach

Online community building is an art. Unlike the offline world, you don’t have to actively participate in engaging the voters online if you build a successful community.


Potential voters and your supporters can keep on discussing different election-related topics when you are doing some other campaign work.


Consider it like Quora, Reddit, or Discord.


You just kick off the conversation, and the whole community will take care of the rest of the things.


But having a community is not the only thing you need. It is the engagement of the community that actually matters.

Here are some simple stats that can tell you the importance of online community building

  • Over 300 million people visit Quora every month.
  • Nearly 450 million users sign in to Reddit every month.
  • Thousands of communities on Discord have more than one million users.
  • Uncountable Facebook groups are saturated with active members.
  • Telegram users engage in consistent messages with each other daily.

Now imagine your own platform which helps you in online community building and provides you a reach similar to these types of big websites.


And relying on third-party platforms is not the right way for community building at all. You are putting your whole campaign at risk by relying on third-party platforms that can ban you for going against their terms and conditions.


See the case of Donald Trump. He started building a social media community, Truth Social, only after being banned from Facebook and Twitter.


Had he done it before getting banned from the other platforms, he could have had a massive audience on his own platforms.


Now, on his own platform, he is free to post anything. He has his own community, which could be beneficial if he decides to run for office again.


Political campaigns are mostly equipped with a lot of data. They only need to channel that data to get actual results from it. And nothing is better than leveraging your existing voter data to create an online community for your political campaign.

Once you get rid of third-party communities, you don’t have to worry about:


  • The restrictions of the third-party websites.
  • The danger of getting banned from big websites.
  • Any possible censorship on your campaign.

Meanwhile, you get your hand on all the voters’ data directly, which is not possible on third-party apps.


That is why we are offering community-building services for political campaigns and political parties that are unable to keep their voters mobilized.

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