Mobile Texting

Automate your campaign, spin algorithms, and reach maximum voters in no time 


Data-driven political campaigns are the beauty of our platform.

We at OutPol believe that whatever voters’ data we gather, we use it for campaigning in different ways.

Of all the efficient methods of promoting a political candidate’s ticket in any campaign, mobile texting and robocalls are one of the best ways to impress voters.

Mobile Texting


The importance of mobile texting in political campaigns cannot be underestimated.

Not all people are likely to attend calls.

Also, research shows that voters can be persuaded more easily if the messages are being followed up. 

At the end of the day, the purpose of any political campaign is to make voters feel important.

When we send follow-up mobile texts to the voters periodically, voters are likely to vote in favor of you.

And we do not spam voters’ mobile phones with unnecessary texts.

We do it periodically to convince and win voters for you.


Robocalling is not the tool for delivering the message only.

It is one of the classic ways to do sentiment analysis of the voters.

How many voters listen to your message until the end?

How many of them will get engaged in the conversation when our robots ask them to press a particular key?

This will all be measured with robocalling, assisting us in the digital listening of the web as well.

We are also eyeing to use artificial intelligence and machine learning in designing highly customized robocalls that will engage the voters and answer their possible queries.

So, it will not be a one-way communication only.

The voters will have a chance to ask questions from the robots that will be answered as per the machine learning principles.

Robocalling and mobile texting can turn out to be the best thing in your election campaign if used correctly. 

We at OutPol help you in actualizing this effort by incorporating the latest principles of artificial intelligence while designing these robots, making the campaign process smoother, efficient, and more accessible.