Making Your Political Campaign Mobile-Friendly to Win Elections

The increasing use of mobile phones has changed the tides of a technological revolution in today’s world.

As per the latest statistics, more than 66 percent of the global population owns a mobile device.

As these numbers cross even 90 percent in most of the developed nations, it has become crucial for politicians to make their digital campaigns mobile-friendly to maximize their outreach.

For instance, almost 97 percent of Americans own at least one mobile device.

So ignoring this faction of voters can damage your campaign to an unimaginable extent.

Here are some tips that political campaigns can apply to optimize their electoral campaign for mobile phones to increase their conversion rates.

Making Your Political Campaign Mobile-Friendly to Win Elections

Design Your Websites to Suit Mobile Phones

When you own a political website, always ensure that your design is mobile-friendly so that it can be crawled by search engines easily.

A vast majority of people prefer to scroll down websites on mobile phones compared to desktops.

However, many campaigns make this mistake when they fail to optimize their website to entertain mobile users.

When you design your website for desktop only, some pixels crash while loading your site on mobile devices.

This can land you in trouble in front of those voters who prefer to use mobile phones. Before sending your website live, test all the possible devices in their entirety so that your campaign reaches all the voters at the same time.

The issue of mobile phones has just become more serious with the outbreak of smartphones in every hand.

Initially, web designers just had to worry about different desktop browsers before making the site live.

However, now they have to deal with mobile devices as well. But it is what it is. You have to optimize your site for mobile users, or Google will stop entertaining your political website.


Retargeting Can Do Wonders for Your Campaign

Launching a retargeting campaign can save you many hassles. What this campaign means is that you have to capture a user’s data when they visit your website for the first time.

Then you have to show your ads to them on various sites wherever they go. This way, they can be captivated by seeing your ads on the other websites.

This could convince them to get attached to your campaign through the retargeting method, even though they left your website for the first time without pursuing any call of action.


Work on Your Button Designs

While you have significant space to design your buttons on desktop screens, you have limited space for displaying them on mobiles, however.

Due to shorter screens, your buttons and the text present in them can become messy. As a political candidate seeking public office, you must have several calls to action on your websites, including donations buttons, subscription buttons, purchasing digital products buttons, and much more.

Making Your Political Campaign Mobile-Friendly to Win Elections


Optimizing Social Sharing Options

Social sharing buttons give you the most extensive outreach in any political campaign from your website.

While you can adjust these buttons on a desktop screen easily, it becomes difficult to choose the best place to trigger the call of action when you have to place these buttons on a mobile screen.

You have to do a lot of A/B testing to find the best location for these buttons on your website for mobile designs. Pick up the place that drives a maximum number of clicks so that you can increase your outreach.


Final Thoughts

If you are not prioritizing your mobile campaign, it is time to relook at your strategies.

Nowadays, most people fancy small devices to scroll down the internet, and political campaign websites are no exception.

By following the aforementioned tips, you sign up to ratchet up your digital election campaign and taking your journey to a new level.