Campaign App

Don’t let your voters getting bored. Increase their participation by campaign apps.


Voters get bored sometimes, seeing the repetitive messaging from competing political candidates in the election seasons.

We know the importance of voter engagement very well, and not throwing them in the repetitive messaging campaigns is our primary goal.

This is where we incorporate campaign apps for the political candidates that help voters to engage with your political campaign efficiently.

Campaign app marketing is also highly efficient, considering the entertainment it brings to the table.

While your voters enjoy the app, your campaign gets data that is otherwise hard to get.

And, as data is the key of political campaigns, your voters playing the games translates into you winning the votes and, obviously, the elections.

Here are three proven ways with which we will develop, manage, and gather data for your personalized political campaign through campaign apps.

Mobile Campaign Apps


Have you ever thought of having your own social media platform for your voters that allows them to interact with each other better than traditional social media sites? 


Surely this won’t be less than a blessing for volunteers who want to stage a corner meeting or, let’s say, a big rally in your support. 


The downside of using typical social media apps for this purpose is that they are designed for all people, including your rivals.


When you use them while maintaining your campaigns, you never know how your rival is spying on you.


Or maybe they buy your personal data from social media sites to launch a campaign against your candidacy.


They can get insights into your political campaigns, therefore sabotaging your efforts. So having a personalized app is never a bad idea. 


Enhanced Canvassing App

For better data management, an enhanced canvassing app plays a beneficial role in your campaigns. 

They are the primary tools to gather and segment data of the voters that are approached by door-to-door canvassing.


This way, whenever your canvassers approach the potential voter, they will add their data into the app, and all of that data would be saved to your campaign’s central database. 


This is one of the best ways to collect voters’ data, including their name, address, email, political inclination, professional information, and the problems they are concerned about.


We help you develop, manage, and maintain data through enhanced canvassing apps usage, helping you win elections.


Gaming Apps

Integrating fun into your political campaign would be the unique thing that we would do. 

Gaming canvassing apps are the classic way to attract young voters who are tired of listening to the repetitive messages from the candidates.


These games have shown results on the biggest of stages. For instance, to support the Labor Party in the UK, a game CorbynRun was introduced with catchy messages against the rivals.


People playing these games win points by sharing different information, such as their contact list, which campaigns further use as data.


The voters win virtual points, and we win data. Not a bad deal at all.


Incorporating unique canvassing strategies is a new path to take in today’s elections. 

We make sure that we address every avenue to promote your ticket as a political candidate to your targetted audience, and campaign apps are the best way to do it.