Email Marketing

Email marketing for political campaigns has become powerful in recent times with the increased usage of smartphones.

More than 50% of the world uses email, and this number goes higher in developed countries. According to studies, more than 50% of Americans check their emails before going to work in the morning.

Amid all of this, the importance of email marketing for political campaigns is extraordinarily high as it can shape public perception in a significant way. 

We will help you make an effective political email marketing strategy that will win voters, in bulk, for you.

Most of the time, email marketing is also the primary source of your digital fundraising. People usually have their credit cards and bank account details saved in their devices, and a single well-written and persuasive email can push them to take immediate action.

A major portion of Obama’s fundraising also came through email, and it was one of the main reasons for his success in the 2012 presidential race.

So, doing email marketing for a political campaign with us will give you the upper hand in the next elections.

Our unique and high conversion email marketing strategy will be driven around the following key steps.

Personalizing email

Research suggests that people are more likely to respond when they are called by their names.


It means that the personalization of email is a vital thing to do if you want to impress your readers.


By personalizing your emails, we will make a direct connection with the potential voters, who will ultimately turn into your voters.


For instance, instead of writing “Dear Supporter,” writing “Dear Jason” to address someone named Jason is a proven way to immediately win the attention of that person.


Using personalization is also a great way to stand out from your competitor, as most people do not use this tactic to address the voters.


Keeping your voters alert about the latest events

With effective email marketing, we will keep your audience updated about the latest events in your election campaign.

We will inform them about all the events like voter registration, vote deadlines, information about your rallies, and motivating them to forward those emails to other people to promote your campaign.

Segmentation of your emails

When you divide your supporters into segmentation, the chances to do a targeted and focused political campaign increase significantly.

Segmentation is a crucial part of email marketing for political campaigns to ensure that users get only those emails they need the most.

For instance, if you are organizing a political rally and your mission is to attract voters from that specific locality, emailing the supporters of other regions will never be a logical approach.

In this way, we will segment the voters into different sections to run an extremely targeted email marketing campaign.

Those who do not do segmentation in emails are most likely to lose subscribers, as too many emails will only irritate the supporters, and they can go away from your campaign, thinking that you are sending spam emails.

Designing Catchy Templates

Templates play a crucial role in catching the attention of the viewer at first sight.

If the template is not catchy, readers can close the email without even studying it.

We provide highly customizable email templates that will persuade the readers to read the entire email.

All the templates will be completely mobile-friendly, as some people open emails through mobile phones.

Testing Subjects

We believe in A/B testing of different things, and email marketing is also one of them.

We will write different subject lines for different audiences to see which line is generating more results.

Similarly, we will also test email scripts to measure the conversion rates and to deduce logical results out of them.

Patnu email marketing for political campaigns will help you give soul to your campaign, as it will transform your next elections in an unimaginable way.