Digital Video

Nothing can beat a persuasive video message when it comes to political campaigns. 

A well-directed Digital Video marketing campaign can help you to influence voters on a vast scale. 

Psychologists suggest that visual graphics are the most efficient way to persuade someone to heed a call to action. 

Patnu believes in this philosophy, and we will strive to win voters for you through a digital video marketing campaign. We will do these hacks to complete digital video marketing to brand your name in your voters.

Researching Targeted Audience:


Researching your target audience will be the first thing that we will do while doing video marketing. 

Thorough research about the know-how of your voters’ mentality and psyche will give us unprecedented insights into the audience that will help us decide the direction of the video for your political campaign.

Planning a video:

Firstly, we will write a script for the video according to your targeted audience and your needs. 

This script will be written by professional copywriters who know the persuasion techniques better than anybody else.

 After that, we will brainstorm a strategy to create compelling graphics in the video, which will act as the audience magnet.

After planning the video, creating a well-directed video will be the next step. 

The video will be created and edited by professional videographers having deep insights into the professional video making and editing tools. 

Videos made from cheap tools can destroy the whole campaign, and that is why we use high= quality tools to promote your digital video marketing campaign.

All the videos will be completely optimized for general Search Engines, especially Google and Video search engines and YouTube. Anyone searching your name on popular search engines lands on your video, resulting in high conversion rates.

Under digital video marketing, OutPol will promote all the videos on social media outlets to increase their reach.

Patnu believes in improving its strategy in every domain, and digital video marketing is no different. 

We will perform an in-depth measurement of the following analytics of the video to see if video marketing is working.

  • Number of views and clicks.
  • Measuring engagements rate
  • Measuring conversion rate
  • Analyzing the time that people are spending on the video.

After measuring the analytics, we will make sure to make appropriate and relevant changes in the strategy to uplift your digital video marketing campaign to a whole new level.

Hence this effective digital video marketing.

The strategy of Patnu is enough to bring more voters into your campaign who will ultimately be the reason for your success in the elections.