Digital Go to Vote Campaign

Traditionally, many politicians rely on the old established practices of the Go to Vote campaign, where they go door-to-door to persuade voters. However, this approach is bound to fail in modern times when the world of the Internet is progressing so fast. 


Bringing people out of their homes on election day is one difficult task. It does not matter if the whole constituency supports you; if you fail to bring them to the polling booths, you cannot win the elections.


OutPol will have the mission to convert “supporters” into “voters.” With our robust Go to Vote strategy, our platform will mobilize maximum voters so that they can come in vast numbers to the polling stations on the day when it matters the most.

Targeted GOTV Campaign:

Our platform will launch the extremely targeted Go to Vote campaign. It means that if the youth of a specific age group are likely to vote for you, our platform will only mobilize youth for the big events so that only your supporters get to know the importance of voting on the day of the elections.


Our robust technique to attract people towards polling stations will help you win more ballots from your targeted audience than your opposition on polling day. On the other hand, those who are more likely to vote for your opposition will not be mobilized for the GOTV campaign by our platform.


Our strategy will consist of covering every aspect of voting. For instance, from voter registration to vote deadlines, our platform will tell your voters everything, so they know when and where to vote. 


For the digital Go to vote campaign, our platform will adopt the following strategies to win votes for you.

Digital Relational Organizing:


Relational organizing is not a new thing in the electoral process, occurring when people reach out to their social circles to motivate them.


However, digital relational organizing and mobilizing voters is a process where people will motivate others in their circles digitally to bring them out of their houses.


By digital relational organizing, our platform will create a chain of volunteers digitally mobilizing others for voting to increase turnout. 

Digital Go to Vote Campaign


Running Google Ads:


Our platform will run persuasive Google Ads to ensure that your voters get continuous reminders that they have to vote and that their vote can make a big difference in the election results.


When they see constant messages on their screens, the chances of a massive turnout will significantly increase.

Sending a Persuasion Message Through Text Messages:


With mobile phones in their hands, people are expected to read text messages more regularly and quicker than anything else. Our platform will launch a text message campaign to engage voters for the GOTV campaign.


Running YouTube Bumper Ads:


Making people aware of their right to vote can be done exceptionally well with YouTube bumper ads. People cannot skip the bumper ads on YouTube, and they are shorter in length as well, so they have no choice except to watch those ads.

With our platform, we will run persuasive YouTube ads to bring voters out of their homes. 

Similarly, other techniques, like email marketing, will also be used by our platform for Digital Go to Vote campaigns.

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Digital Go to Vote Campaign