Digital Canvassing

As more and more users have started using the Internet in recent times, digital canvassing is becoming necessary for politicians to win the elections.

With the traditional way of canvassing, you miss too many opportunities while consuming vast amounts of resources.

With a well-crafted digital political campaign for online canvassing, you have nothing to do, as voters come to your campaign themselves, resulting in a sudden upsurge in your popularity.

Let’s see how our platform will help you to be an online political sensation by running online political campaigns.


It is becoming a pressing need for politicians worldwide to do digital canvassing during their election campaigns.

More than 4.7 billion people are using the Internet today. Roughly, this entails more than 50% of people worldwide using the Internet, with this ratio touching up to 76% in the United States.

Similarly, almost 2.7 billion people use Facebook.

Conducting digital canvassing on Facebook multiplies your chances of success in your election.

Our platform will promote your digital political campaign with Facebook pages, groups, and ads in a way that the message reaches the maximum audience.

Our primary purpose in online canvassing on Facebook will be

  • To build your name through a brand on Facebook pages by sharing your campaign images, videos, and policy approaches regarding different matters of public interest. With rigorous online canvassing on Facebook, our platform will only engage your targeted audience to make sure that your campaign has pinpointed exactly what it is supposed to target.
  • Targeting voters based on demography to turn a maximum number of viewers into voters. Professional copywriters will write ad copies with captivating headlines that will grab the attention of the voters immediately. Similarly, the ad creatives will be designed in a way to capture voters at first sight.
  • Our platform will promote Facebook posts depicting your approach toward matters of public interest. In this way, more people will know about your vision regarding the problems that people are facing, resulting in more votes for you.
  • Our platform will manage your Facebook events to mobilize your supporters online to come out in great numbers to your rallies and on election day to cast their ballots for you.
  • By promoting your narrative through Facebook groups, our platform will ensure that your campaign is being heard more than that of your competitors. More people will know about your vision through those Facebook groups, ultimately helping you get more votes in your next elections.
Digital Canvassing



Our platform’s unique email marketing strategy will promote your digital political campaign to mobilize your voters in an unprecedented way.


Twitter is one of the biggest platforms with which you can promote your narrative to your audience.

The best thing about Twitter is that it is all about current happenings in the world. So, you must not miss the opportunity to win the voters searching to find a leader in these times of unrest.

The use of Twitter in digital canvassing will help you look professional, resulting in more attraction for voters.

Our platform will help you conduct a perfect political campaign on Twitter in the following ways.

  • By constantly tweeting regarding the latest trends.
  • Setting new trends and making the chain of trends.
  • By mobilizing voters to promote those trends so that your voice can be heard throughout the platform.
  • By monitoring the user activity on the account so that your digital campaign can be improved.
  • Promoting Twitter handles to increase the followers and the reach of your campaign to the maximum voters.
  • Promoting online political campaigns through Twitter advertisements, promoted tweets, promoted accounts, and promoted trends.


As young people are moving to Instagram day by day, politicians are also looking at it as a potential opportunity for online canvassing.

With Instagram canvassing, our platform will promote your digital political campaign with eye-catching and captivating headlines on photos hitting the targeted voters’ emotions.

The static visuals will be enough to grab the young voters’ attention who are shifting to this photo factory, with millions of photos being uploaded daily.

Our platform will run impressive Instagram ad campaigns by tracking ad performance on a daily basis.


With thousands of people seeking answers to questions daily, Quora is a platform that has attracted the netizens to one single platform.

Our platform will run your digital political campaign on Quora to mobilize more voters for you.

By identifying and listing channels that discuss politics and answering the questions daily, our platform will gather some valuable information.

After that, we will answer those questions from your name to add great value to your campaign.

With this, voters will have full confidence in your name, as they will get the notion that you are the only candidate serious about their problems.

Furthermore, you will also get a lot of referral traffic from Quora, ultimately increasing your conversion rate on our platform.


Medium is one great platform where millions of readers go to satisfy their curiosity. Lately, this blogging platform has been used by politicians to do online canvassing.

Our platform will do regular blogging on medium to help you in gaining popularity.



Our platform will provide unique services for digital canvassing on the world’s biggest video streaming platform. We will launch a robust video campaign for you on YouTube.

Online canvassing is the only way to survive in elections today, as people are more likely to make their opinions online. So, except for OutPol, no one will give your campaign the value it deserves.

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