Digital Candidate Fundraising

When you are running for public office, you have to spend a lot of money on your political campaign. The good news is that there are people out there who want to donate funds to your campaign, but they are unaware of the process.

 Our platform will mobilize those supporters of yours to get as many funds for your digital political campaign as possible.

 Election fundraising is a mandatory event when you want to expand your campaign, and our platform will help you with the online fundraising campaign that will allow you to leverage up your campaign to an unprecedented level.

Let’s have a look at how our platform will drive your digital fundraising campaign.

Text Fundraising Campaign:


Generating revenue by text messages is, to date, one of the easiest methods for online fundraising. With this method, the donor has to follow the link sent on the text message, which will lead them to a webpage.

 Most of the people have saved their transaction details on their mobile phones, so they can immediately donate from the comfort of their couch.

Our platform will adopt this strategy to raise as many funds as possible. This strategy is also workable for those who want to donate as little as $10 to your campaign.

Email Fundraising:

One well-crafted email is enough to raise all the funds for your political campaign. With email fundraising, people are expected to donate big, and that is why this is the primary focus of OutPol.

 With this online fundraising method, our platform will make sure that we attract a large sum of money for your political campaign.

Social Media Fundraising:

This online fundraising method is perfect for targeting those who are young and use social media frequently. Our platform will write compelling ad copies to raise funds for your digital election campaign.

All the ads will be written by professional copywriters, while the creatives will be developed by professional graphic designers to achieve maximum conversions.

Social Media Takeover:

Our platform will contact all the big names on social media to control their pages for a specific time period to generate revenue from them.

Social media takeover is a great way to run your campaign on the pages having a huge following base, and you give a small percentage of commission to the owner of the page. Our platform will run your campaign on their pages to earn the funds for your campaign.

Donation Plans for You on our Platform:

We will manage your donation page on our platform to accumulate maximum funds for you.

This way of online fundraising will facilitate those supporters who frequently visit our platform to learn about you. Similarly, there will be a donation option on all of your social media handles to get maximum funds.

Digital Candidate Fundraising


Getting Sponsors for your Campaign:

Our platform will find sponsors for your political campaign to fund your campaign. These sponsors will give a pre-selected amount to your campaign, and in return, they will get a promotion from you. Similarly, we will also generate funds for you by affiliate marketing

Selling Commodities to the Masses:

Our platform will sell different in-demand products under your name online, adding another great way to collect funds for your campaign.

Most of your supporters are likely to buy them, which will become a constant source of fundraising for you. These products may include t-shirts, caps, jerseys, mobile phone covers, and bags with your name printed on them.



Crowdfunding will be one of the most-used online fundraising methods our platform will practice to fund your campaign.

 It is the practice with which our platform will receive a small amount of money from a vast crowd, which will turn into a big total.

 It is a proven way to raise funds, especially in political circles, where sometimes people hesitate to donate a large amount of money.

Live Streaming:

Live streaming is also one of the great ways with which you can generate funds from our platform.

In this way, you interact with your supporters in live streams on different platforms and give them solutions to their problems.

They are more likely to spend immediate money on your campaign in times when they recognize a leader in you. This is also one of the greatest ways to increase your vote bank.


Our platform will arrange giveaway competitions on your behalf in which we will be giving something special and incredible to the biggest donor.

When people expect something back, they are more likely to spend on your campaign, and this is exactly what we will do.

With the services of our platform, you will not have to worry again about the funds for your political campaign, as our online fundraising is sufficient to manage the expenditures of your campaign.  

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