Digital Audio

Digital audio marketing is a great way to impress those voters who prefer to spend time away from visuals, putting their earphones on most of the time.

Researchers suggest that audio is expected to affect human beings in four ways, cognitively, physiologically, psychologically, and behaviorally.

We believe in winning voters with unique approaches and practices, so all of our energies are focused on targeting the voters in every domain so that not even a single voter remains unattended.

Studies also suggest that it is easy to persuade someone focusing solely on the audio due to the close connection between ears and brain.

OutPol will accommodate this strategy of digital audio marketing for your political campaign, unlike everyone else who is focusing on the traditional ways of canvassing.

Our strategy for the digital audio marketing campaign will consist of the following hacks.

Audio Tweets

Recently, Twitter announced a possibility to add the option of audio tweets, owing to the shorter length of the written tweets. 

The great thing is that most people don’t know about this, which is an excellent opportunity to differentiate yourself out from the crowd. 

We will do digital audio marketing on Twitter, which will help you in boosting your campaign.

Website Digital Audio Marketing Campaign

On your website, we will do a rigorous digital audio marketing campaign for those who take more interest in aural activities.

 With the unique aural welcome on your website promoting your campaign, we will try to win voters as early as possible.

Spotify Ads

Music lovers enjoy using listening to songs and podcasts on Spotify.

Imagine winning the loyalty of the voters at the same time when they are relaxing from their routine.

With relaxed minds, they are more likely to focus on your campaign message that we will promote through Spotify ads.

Spotify ads are also great for persuading people by inviting them with an immediate call to action, as they mostly use the platform during free time.

So, with a compelling message, they will find some time to browse your campaign.

Pandora Advertisement

Pandora is another great platform that has gained unprecedented popularity recently.

With Pandora advertisements, you can create 15 to 30 seconds of non-skippable ads, and this is where we will win the voters for you.

OutPol will start a digital audio marketing campaign on Pandora that will win a significant number of voters for you.

Programmatic Audio Tricks for Digital Audio Marketing:

Programmatic ads are great at times when you want to play streaming audio ads,  especially in podcasts, music streaming services, and digital radio. 

OutPol will launch a diverse programmatic ad audio campaign that will help you in your election campaign.


We will find the relevant audio channels that are listened to in significant numbers in your locality. 

After that, we will review the analytics of those channels so that we can develop an effective strategy for audio marketing on those channels. 

In our campaign, we will run persuasive audio ads on various radio channels to convince your potential supporters to vote for you.


Another major focus of the Patnu digital audio marketing campaign will be podcast advertisement as it is, to date, one of the most successful and proven ways for audio marketing.

 We will explore all the platforms having relevant podcasts and audiences to target the specific audience for your campaign.


Most of the strategies of OutPol revolve around the solutions that are out of the box. All of the audios will be data-driven as we will collect massive data in the various domains before creating an audio ad for you. 

With this context-aware audio campaign, the voters will come your way in great numbers, and you will be one step closer to winning the elections.