Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

No politician will ever want potential voters to leave his site without pursuing a call of action, which is intended to win voters for them.

With an optimized conversion rate, you can generate more revenue from your website per visitor, which is ultimately a good sign for any website. Conversion rate optimization is crucial for politicians who are seeking public support in the elections.

This is due to the fact that you have to convert every visitor on your website into your voter, and this is only possible by conversion rate optimization. 

Whether you want to make people download your manifesto or raise funds for your political campaign, Conversion Rate Optimization is the only way out.

We will help you optimize your conversion rate by devising a thoughtful strategy that includes the following.

Influencing Voters by Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

Creating urgency in the voters is extremely necessary if you want them to take the action of your choice on the website.


If you fail to create urgency in your voters, they will feel that they can find your alternative in other candidates.


For instance, if you are not letting people know what they will miss if they do not elect you, you will not create the FOMO in your supporters, which can cost you heavily in the elections.


We will create this FOMO in your visitors, ultimately helping you get more conversions from your pages. 

Lead capture forms

We will create a persuasive lead capture form that will help us collect more email addresses of the voters, ultimately translating the visitors into voters.

By getting more leads, we will easily be able to implement effective email marketing, which is another part of the Patnu digital election campaign.

Conversion Rate Optimization on your Website:

To optimize the conversion rate on your website, it is an absolute necessity that you persuade voters by infographics and videos, and this is exactly what we do.

All the infographics and videos are created by professional videographers who know the business better than anybody else.

Making Page Navigation and Readability Easy:

Complex navigation and hard readability are the two primary reasons why people leave your site early.

We will make the navigation of the website easy, which will also boost the SEO of your website.

Similarly, the readability of all the existing and the old text will be made easy, which will convince the readers to spend more time on your website, ultimately helping you in doing Conversion Rate Optimization.

All the pages on your website will be written by professional copywriters so that you can have persuasive copies on your website pages.

This compelling text will be the audience magnet that will help you to get more conversions.

Must-Have Experiences on Websites:

We will place all the important calls to action under the “must-have” website experience.

This way, people are more likely to click on the call to action, ultimately resulting in a better conversion rate.

The reviews of your old supporters and voters will be highlighted in a way that will reflect you as the only solution to the problems of the people.

By optimizing conversion rates in every aspect, We help you win votes and hence your next elections.