Chase the Voters Having Two Votes

Chase the Voters Having Two Votes!!!


Take the bull by horns. Persuade the voters who matter the most.



When you evaluate the close election races in the past, you can easily find out the races decided by a small group of people.


The top example in this regard is the Bush vs. Al Gore presidential race, which Democrats lost just because of Florida. 


Some races of the Senate and House were even decided by a margin of fewer than one hundred votes. What made the winners stand out, and what made the losers bite the dust? The answer is simple; the persuadable voters.


Many candidates make a big mistake. They do not pursue the persuadable voters, and this is clearly a missed opportunity.


Obama once said that “There is no such thing as a vote that doesn’t matter. It all matters.”


This dictum has been validated by numerous races all over the world. Winning persuadable voters is a crucial thing. Stop missing oppurtunites now and chase the voters who matter the most. OutPol make sure that you are not deprived of even a single voter. Wherever there is a possibility of the vote, OutPol capitalizes on that opportunity to make you stand out on Election Day.

Most of the closely contested presidential elections have come down to the decision of the battleground states. Even apart from presidential elections, undecided and persuadable voters constitute a significant part of any district, and without winning them, you cannot expect to win the elections.

Winning the voters with two votes:


Instead of persuading voters having one vote, the results of the elections change drastically by the voters having a dual vote. This may be surprising to many that a person can have two votes, but it is a shocking reality. This is where persuadable voters play their role. 


Persuadable voters have two votes because you are also stopping them from voting for your opposition when you convince them to vote for you. So, you add to your votes and subtract from your opposition’s vote at the same time. 


OutPol will be a deciding factor to influence persuadable voters to help you win your next election. Who are these magical voters, where can you find them, and how can they help you in the elections? Leave that to OutPol, and you can just wait for your upcoming election win.

Who exactly are these magical persuadable voters?


Persuadable voters are those voters who are not yet sure about the candidate they are going to vote for. They are undecided and can change their mind with a little bit of persuasion. Any candidate can win them over with a proper strategy. Most of the time, these persuadable voters change their minds according to the latest events and frame their choices even a day before elections. These voters are always curious for more information on the candidates so they can make up their minds.


You will not find anyone putting this much focus on persuadable voters. This is the distinction of OutPol. Convincing already decided voters is a sheer waste of resources. Never waste your money on convincing those voters who will vote for you even without campaigning. Similarly, don’t waste your time on voters who will not vote for you even after campaigning. Persuade the persuadable voters with OutPol, play safe, and win your elections.


OutPol will help you craft and implement a powerful strategy to win persuadable voters for your next elections.

Winning the Persuadable: The Ultimate Hack of OutPol:


OutPol implements a lot of strategies to convert these persuadable voters. We know what they are looking for and which mediums can influence their thought process.


The following is a bird’s-eye view of what we do to win the persuadable voters.


Finding the Persuadable:



We use the following tactics to find persuadable voters.


  • Finding them through rigorous online experimentation.


  • Tracking those who have already been persuaded to confirm that they don’t change their minds.


  • Identifying patterns among voters to know which voters are persuadable by party name and which are persuadable by candidate name. After that, we convince voters using the methods by which they are most likely to be persuaded.


  • Applying psychologically proven tactics to identify the persuadable.


Tactics to Persuade Them After Identification:


Once we find those voters, we devise our strategy across the following lines to convert them into your voters.


  • Developing a relevant and persuading “go to vote” message


  • Using the power of graphics instead of the traditional ways to identify and influence what matters the most to these voters


  • Reinforcing the message through different channels to put it into people’s subconsciousness


We use the following means to make them vote for you.


  • Online Canvassing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Local SEO
  • Text Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Phone Banking


Never miss this precious opportunity to win your next elections. Get two votes by persuading one voter. Small efforts in the right direction are greater than huge efforts in the wrong direction. Persuade the persuadable with OutPol, and let’s wait for the election day when you sit back on the couch while celebrating your win.