Campaign Promises Credibility: A Way not to Lose Your Voters in the Long Run

Maintaining campaign promises is one of the most worrisome issues which politicians face during their careers.

Most of the time, they manage to over-promise in the heat of the moment, but after assuming office, fall short of realizing those promises.

This results in popularity hit on the politicians, ultimately resulting in a deteriorating reputation and a public relations crisis.

Campaign Promises Credibility: A Way not to Lose Your Voters in the Long Run

Data-Based Promises: Do not Hesitate to Provide a Path to Action

Making promises based on empty rhetoric is likely to get a hit since they are made out of emotion and not data.

As a politician, always ensure that your promises are backed by data so that voters can see a clear path towards the actualization of the promise.

While pledging, always remember to outline a plan that you will follow, as voters are likely to believe you if they see a clear way forward.


Ignoring Emotions Can Also Cost You Elections

However, it is imperative to consider the emotional aspects as well during campaign promises, as a big chunk of voters do not research data before making a voting decision.

This could result in wasted efforts if your potential voters are not fact-checking you before the vote.

To impress these sorts of voters, it is a mandatory practice to inculcate an emotional touch to your campaign promises alongside incorporating the data in them.

Campaign Promises Credibility: A Way not to Lose Your Voters in the Long Run

Popular Promises Will Survive Always

Some campaign promises are everlasting and never get old. For instance, you will not see any politicians skipping the promises of more jobs and a better economy.

While their approaches towards the actualization of these goals may differ, they ultimately pledge to make the lives of the citizens better.

So keeping these promises on your list is a must thing to do, as not going with the flow can be costly at times.

Campaign Promises Credibility: A Way not to Lose Your Voters in the Long Run

Ideological Promises: Political Survey is the Tool to Reach Your Desired Voters 

Ideological promises differ from popular promises in a way that all the candidates can take different stances on them.

For instance, politicians can pose for pro-life and pro-abortion stances and defend them with the help of relevant arguments.

Attracting voters based on these promises can be tricky, as not everything lies in the hands of politicians in these sorts of campaigns.

Whether people will go with the pro-life or pro-abortion stance heavily depends on their upbringing and their overall approach to life.

How did the voters grow over the years, and what did they learn in their schools? All of these factors heavily depend on the factors beyond the outreach of the politicians.

However, conducting political surveys is one of the best ways you can measure voters’ responses to formulate your responses across the ideological lines.

For instance, George H.W. Bush made a famous narrative before his presidential election, “Read my lips: No new taxes.”

The idea went viral immediately, helping him to win the presidential run. However, once in the presidency, he was unable to keep this promise and ended up raising taxes, as he had no choice but to raise the taxes to sustain the economy and help the country avert a debt crisis.

Ultimately, the same promise which helped him in winning the office brought him down after serving just one term.


Breaking Promises: No Longer a Choice for Politicians

With the promise tracker websites and the pervasive presence of media in everyday life, politicians are also increasingly worried about fake promises.

They know that breaking the promises often can end their political career. Knowing all of this, politicians have no choice but to keep their promises, not only for the betterment of voters but also for their own political careers.

While promising politicians can make unintentional mistakes as well without knowing the consequences of their actions, they face the wrath of the voters this way.

This is one of the primary reasons to measure the ground reality before making even the popular promises.


Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that politicians rely heavily on their promises while campaigning. And this will not change anytime in the future.

In fact, entry-level politicians have nothing to show in their portfolio while campaigning other than promises.

Even in the presidential races, this stands true, where politicians can lure voters easily just on the promises.

However, sometimes politicians have much to worry about,  especially when they know that breaking promises can backfire on them.