Advanced TV

Hit The Bulls-Eye: Launch Data-Driven Addressable TV Advertisement Campaigns


TV ads have long been considered standardized and non-targeted advertisements without any implicit involvement of data in them.

But we are changing this game in your political advertisements to get maximum conversions. We deal with the advertisements in the non-traditional TVs in your political campaigns that are highly data-driven and served according to the interests of the consumers.

This targeted serving of ads comes in various forms, including Advanced TVs, Connected TV (CTV), and over-the-top (OTT) TV.

Playing targeted ads via these platforms will boost your election campaign, and your budget would be minimized, as only those voters would see the ads that are really interested in your campaign.

Non-Traditional TV Advertisement is the Answer!


Contrary to traditional TV, where you just put the same ad before everyone without considering their interests, addressable TVs are the game-changer.


In traditional TV, people change TV channels when advertisements pop up on their screens.


Now here is where the problem lies. You are spending money on advertisements, and nobody is watching them.


You end up wasting your hard-earned campaign funds in the process. Advanced TVs, CTV, and OTT, are the answer to all of your TV advertisements worries.


In Advanced TV, or as it is also known, Addressable TV, the users are targeted based on their interests.


We analyze the viewing patterns of the TV viewers carefully before launching the targeted ads campaign.

Advanced and Addressable TVs, CTV, and OTT: Our Magic to Win Voters

Consider the following scenario, for instance. You are showing the same ad to all the people viewing the same TV channel at a specific time. 

This is the case with traditional TVs. We don’t do this to your campaigns.

There is a strong possibility that your ads are being shown to viewers who have zero chances of voting in your favor.

This surely is a waste of resources, isn’t it. Why not show ads to the voters who are really interested in your campaign?

This is where the role of Advanced TV, CTV, and OTT come, which will transform your political campaign in a whole new way.

We see the television viewing patterns of the voters across the aisle. Which channels are they watching? 

Are they watching TV channels driven by conservative ideology or liberal ideology? 

Which type of subscriptions do they buy? How long do they watch specific TV channels? Which trials do they cancel midway?

We do this by gathering the first party, second party, and third-party data gathered from various sources, ultimately helping you increase your conversion rates.

CTVs are just the extension of addressable TVs, which is the internet-connected TV. 

As users view TV connected through the internet, let’s say smart TV, we would serve them the targeted ads to promote your political campaign.

Then comes the concept of OTT TVs, in which the systems bypass the cable and satellite channels and directly serve the content via the internet to the users.

This is the extreme form of addressable TVs, and we will utilize this platform to promote your campaign to the maximum number of voters.

Unlike traditional TVs, addressable TVs, CTV, and OTT are the solution to your campaign worries. Let’s make sense of the data in advertising your political campaign.