A/B Testing

“If you double the number of experiments you do per year, you’re going to double your inventiveness.”

(Jeff Bezos)


A/B testing has emerged as one of the powerful strategies to identify user behaviors in political campaigns.

The efficacy of this tactic can be gauged from the fact that even presidential and prime ministerial campaigns across the globe incorporate this into their framework.

As a political candidate striving to win elections, you need to know the importance of A/B testing so that your campaign could reach the maximum potential audience.

Obama’s Victory: A/B Testing in Action


A/B testing strategy is no joke. Obama raised an additional $60 million in political donations through this strategy in 2008.

Four years later, in his reelection campaign, his campaign management team incorporated this strategy with further ambition and scope and increased sign-up conversions by 161%.

The point of A/B testing is simple. Not every human being is the same, and not all of them would like one website layout or, for example, the wording of the home page.

The goal is to find the copy or web design that is captivating to the majority, which translates maximum visitors into voters.

Only then can you optimize your election campaign. You must be wondering what did Obama do to achieve this incredible feat? Nothing much.

His team just tried three different texts for the Sign-Up button.

The different text versions of the button included “Learn more,” “Sign up now,” and “Join us now.” 

Surprisingly, “Learn more” outperformed everything else and landed them more subscribers, so they permanently changed their text to it. 

They ended up increasing the sign-up rate by 3% and donations by $60 million.

He is not alone in this. The current Prime Minister of the world’s second-most populous country, India, Narendra Modi, increased his vote bank significantly by adapting the same strategy.

A/B Testing: The Landmark of OutPol

We will incorporate A/B testing in your political campaigns, measuring the voters’ behaviors for maximum results. We will test it in the following ways.

  • The wording of the landing page.
  • The user interface of the landing page.
  • Color scheme of the landing page.
  • Web copy of the donations page.
  • Facebook and other digital media ad copies and visuals.
  • Infographics visuals on Pinterest, Instagram, and our platforms.

We measure the sentiments of the visitors on every platform. For this, we adopt a well-crafted strategy to facilitate the User Experience (UX), which is not possible without A/B testing.

When we measure different aspects of voters after carefully analyzing their behaviors, we will finalize the best-performing versions of everything in your political campaign strategy to win the elections for you.